Royal Order Jewelry Guidebook. A in-depth critique of Royal Order Jewelry

Introduction to Royal Order Jewelry
Royal Order was founded on the undeniable union of rock & roll and fashion. Designed by former model and rock singer Cheryl Rixon Davis, Royal Order is one of the most extensive jewelry lines on the market today. The line originated in response to the Hollywood celebrities & musicians who were requesting pieces Cheryl had made for herself & for loved ones. Her own unique style set the line apart from the usual silver market; its truly in a league of its own. Offering collections of their trademark crown and royal images, religious icons, skulls & mythical symbols; the entire line is offered in sterling silver, 18kt gold, and platinum, set with pearls, & stones ranging from natural crystal to semi-precious & precious stones, addressing a wide range of accessory needs complementary to emerging fashion trends. Keeping the integrity of design while retaining a street edge has made Royal Order both fun and sophisticated. Royal Order was instantly embraced by the voracious Japanese market 10 years ago and has since become one of the most established luxury & designer stores across Japan, Australia, the United States, and South America.
In 2007, Established gothic silver jewelry designer Cheryl Rixon Davis hosted a highly exclusive launch party in honor of her Royal Order jewelry outlet situated in Beverly Hills. Being a former entertainer and musician, Cheryl Rixon Davis had the privilege of marketing her own gothic silver jewelry pieces by simply adorning her own gothic silver designs & capturing the attention of her audiences with the potent combination of her own beauty & the beauty of her gothic silver jewelry pieces.
Before long, Cheryl Rixon Davis began receiving orders for gothic silver jewelry from fellow musicians and celebrities. Her previous boutique in West Hollywood relocated to a new exquisite boutique a short distance away from Rodeo drive. Founded in 1996, Royal Order is inarguably a rock-n-roll sterling silver gothic jewelry fusion label which fuses the elements of rock n roll & gothic fashion.
True to its name, Royal Order jewelry maintains a rock royalty theme. Royal Order Gothic silver necklaces, sterling silver gothic rings, sterling silver gothic earrings, gothic silver bracelets, sterling silver gothic pendants, sterling silver gothic belts, sterling silver gothic chains & gothic silver buckles are just a few of the gothic sterling silver jewelry and sterling silver gothic accessories which Royal Order incorporates into its gothic sterling silver designs. Royal Order jewelry Styles range from the large masculine sterling silver gothic skulls to the more feminine pink semi-precious stones & Royal Order hearts, which focus heavily on the theme of royalty instead of a general gothic silver style. Precious stones are available in a huge range of shades which include: ruby, pink, purple, sapphire and onyx. The stones are always expertly cast into pure 925 sterling silver, which forms the base of most Royal Order gothic sterling silver jewelry pieces.
Royal Order jewelry's gothic sterling silver bracelets have a heavy feel, and invariably possess breathtaking detail carved meticulously into pure 925 sterling silver. Royal Order earrings adopt a recognizably feminine look, frosted with dainty rubies, sapphires and crystals. Royal Order gothic sterling silver key chains are brimming with personality, & are often carved with a skull pirate and skull mohawk charm. Royal Order gothic sterling silver rings are available with opal, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl & diamonds, to name a few. Also available from Royal Order jewelry are Royal Order gothic silver cufflinks, Royal Order sterling silver gothic wallet chains, Royal Order sterling silver gothic rings, Royal Order gothic silver rosaries & Royal Order sterling silver gothic pendants. Themes include Royal Order gothic sterling silver crown links, Royal Order gothic silver tribal, Royal Order imperial, Royal Order gothic sterling silver crosses, Royal Order gothic sterling silver stars jewelry, Royal Order gothic silver hearts jewelry, Royal Order gothic sterling silver alphabets jewelry, Royal Order pitbulls and Royal Order gothic silver skull jewelry.
Royal Order jewelry serves as an exclusive designer catering to numerous celebrity skins, such as Steven Tyler, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons & Dave Navarro just to name a few, all of who rely exclusively on Royal Order jewelry for all their gothic sterling silver jewelry needs. Usher made a customized order for a video shoot, and the gothic silver Royal Order jewelry he adorned drew scores of admiring looks during the Grammy's. Royal Order makes it a point to also cater to non-rock type musicians, & most popular amongst mainstream, non-rock musicians are the long Royal Order sterling silver necklaces, which stylishly accompany and accentuate elegantly styled dresses & casual open top shirts.
Royal Order is co-owned by Justin Davis, another impressive sterling silver gothic jewelry designer who also features royalty at the heart of his Justin Davis jewelry collection. Coincidentally, they possess the same second name Davis, & it is unknown whether any deeper relationship binds the two owners of this mammoth gothic sterling silver jewelry brand.
Having spent 6 successful years at the well-known and much visited West Hollywood outlet, Royal Order relocated to the prominent high traffic area just a stone's throw away from the famed Rodeo, in the mist of some of the city's finest shops & restaurants. Royal Order jewelry's new boutique features impressionistic interior design with a purposefully Spartan grey concrete interior, similar to an art gallery, incorporating carefully crafted gothic archways, accentuating an insanely stunning decor in which rock n roll styled sterling silver gothic jewelry captures the attention of enraptured fans of Royal Order jewelry.

The huge popularity of Royal Order jewelry can be attributed to the fact that it appeals to all audiences. It produces both traditional jewelry and the increasingly popular gothic silver jewelry. Royal Order's sterling silver gothic jewelry line includes sterling silver gothic Royal Order rings, gothic silver Royal Order earrings, gothic silver Royal Order chains, sterling silver gothic Royal Order bracelets, sterling silver gothic Royal Order pendants, gothic sterling silver Royal Order belt buckles, sterling silver gothic Royal Order necklaces, sterling silver gothic Royal Order chain holders and many other sterling silver gothic jewelry. Aside from sterling silver gothic jewelry, Royal Order also offers sterling silver gothic Royal Order cigarette cases, gothic silver Royal Order cigarette lighters,gothic silver Royal Order pens, gothic sterling silver Royal Order sunglasses, gothic silver and Royal Order Finger armour rings.

Each and every accessory or jewelry item comes with meticulously carved detailed designs and themes, which include Royal Order gothic silver skull jewelry, sterling silver gothic Royal Order swords jewelry, gothic silver Royal Order crosses jewelry, sterling silver gothic Royal Order Fleur de lis jewelry, sterling silver gothic Royal Order Zodiac jewelry, sterling silver gothic Royal Order flower jewelry, gothic sterling silver Royal Order animals jewelry, sterling silver gothic Royal Order angels jewelry, gothic silver Royal Order Hearts jewelry and countless other classic gothic silver jewelry designs.

Royal Order fakes and Royal Order inspired alternatives: Why they are rising in popularity

In recent years, Royal Order jewelry has faced challenges in the form of numerous offshore competitors of equal capacity and talent, resources & ability to offer equally detailed, beautiful and expertly crafted luxury gothic silver jewelry to bikers and other rock-culture lovers at a tiny fraction of Royal Order jewelry prices. Now, fans of gothic silver jewelry are given an extensive range of alternatives to original Royal Order jewelry. Gothic sterling silver jewelry fans are starting to wise up to the reality of branding, which is really no more than an illusion. In every single designer franchise from Chrome Hearts jewelry, Bill Wall Leather jewelry, Gaboratory jewelry, Room 101 jewelry, Nagual jewelry, SoulFetish jewelry, Crazy Pig jewelry, Tony Creed jewelry, Double Cross jewelry, Heavy Magic jewelry, One Too Many jewelry, Stanley Guess jewelry, Til Death .925 jewelry, King Baby Jewelry, Little King NY Jewelry, Royal Order Jewelry, to Imperial Rose Collections jewelry, gothic silver prices have been rising so quickly ,causing numerous sterling silver gothic jewelry fans to be priced out of the the gothic silver jewelry designer brand market. Brand is not something that customers will always be willing to pay for. Given the easy availability of cheaper & equally well-crafted offerings, it is no wonder that luxury label jewelry is not an unusual or rare sight on the streets despite the premium brand pricing of the original. The new and somewhat wiser sentiment is: why burn a hole in your pocket on designer label jewelry when you could easily get a almost identical product forged from the same Highest grade 925 sterling silver at a miniscule fraction of the cost?

However, in choosing alternatives in the form of replicas or similarly styled inspired designs, it is critical to confirm the quality of jewelry you are buying. Royal Order Jewelry competitors range from Top quality alternatives and close replicas by real jewelers to mass-manufacturing manufacturers who churn out low grade bootlegs made from low-grade metals such as aluminium and copper.

GothicBuzz's Royal Order: Impressions and Inspiration

At GothicBuzz.com, we offer you gothic silver jewelry inspired by the most popular Royal Order jewelry at the lowest possible without resorting to piracy or fraud. With the phenomenal rise in the popular appeal of Royal Order jewelry, retail prices of gothic sterling silver jewelry pieces crafted by Royal Order jewelry have risen above a level which the majority of biker jewelry enthusiasts deem reasonably affordable. Authentic Royal Order pendants start from US$400 up, original Royal Order rings start at US$1,000, authentic Royal Order lighters can cost up to US$2,000 and Royal Order bracelets & Royal Order chains can easily cost you more than US$4,000 - 5,000 depending on the weight & the level of intricacy of the design. At GothicBuzz.com, we model our jewelry based on the feel & look of many of Royal Order's most classic gothic sterling silver jewelry designs and offer them to you at a miniscule fraction of cost you'd pay for the original Royal Order jewelry piece. Like the original sterling silver Royal Order jewelry piece, our Royal Order-inspired gothic sterling silver pieces are made only from pure 925 sterling silver & crafted purely by hand. In the same method which Royal Order jewelry manufacturers use, our factory moulds churn out only raw shapes, which our artists have to manually handcraft, chip, mould and polish into the work of art you ultimately see; a heavy piece of gothic silver jewelry inspired by the original Royal Order jewelry item which caught your eye in the Royal Order jewelry boutique. Since you aren't paying for the Royal Order brand jewelry luxury name when you purchase our gothic silver jewelry products, our prices are unbelievably a lot lower than what you'd have to fork out for an original Royal Order jewelry piece (up to 90% lower).

A Brief note about the Royal Order Designer brand label, & why people buy alternatives

Fake Royal Order jewelry at its very best, exists in the form of AAA grade replica Royal Order jewelry and closely inspired by Royal Order jewelry which closely follows the look and mood of the original. These types of Best grade fake Royal Order jewelry is made using the very same pure 925 sterling silver used in original Royal Order jewelry. Also, AAA grade replica Royal Order jewelry pieces are so closely inspired by Royal Order jewelry (or are near perfect replicas of Royal Order jewelry) that real and fake are often impossible to differentiate. Sometimes, replica Royal Order jewelry even comes in the exact same packaging provided by Royal Order jewelry outlets (We make it a point to defer to intellectual property rights & not do that!) Given the growing manufacturing genius of offshore silversmiths, generating AAAAA grade replica Royal Order jewelry has been anything but difficult. Today, AAA grade replica Royal Order pieces (also known as Grade A Royal Order replicas, Royal Order AAA-replicas, fake Royal Order jewelry, AAA grade fake Royal Order jewelry etc) are easily purchasable over the web at a miniscule fraction of the Royal Order retail price. For simplicity, we shall simply refer to them as replica Royal Order jewelry. Offshore jewelers can offer such AAA grade replicas or inspired pieces of Royal Order jewelry at a large discount thanks to lower offshore metals and manufacturing expenses in Asia.
Because GothicBuzz's Royal Order-inspired gothic silver jewelry pieces are likewise made from the very same pure sterling silver and forged in the same process that Royal Order uses to craft original Royal Order jewelry, our jewelry very much resembles & feels practically identical to original Royal Order jewelry, yielding you the same degree of satisfaction as the original Royal Order jewelry piece at a small fraction of the price.
Do know that there are hundreds of names used for this best grade of replica jewelry. A very brief list of some common names include, but are not limited to: (Grade A Royal Order replicas, Grade AAA Royal Order replicas, Grade AAAAA Royal Order replicas, Royal Order A grade replicas, Royal Order AAA grade replicas, Royal Order AAAAA grade replicas, best grade fake Royal Order jewelry, top grade fake Royal Order jewelry, A grade fake Royal Order jewelry, AAA grade fake Royal Order jewelry, AAAAA grade fake Royal Order jewelry, A grade replica Royal Order jewelry, AAA grade replica Royal Order jewelry, AAAAA grade replica Royal Order jewelry). Regardless of fans refer to it as, it's always the same thing!