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Gothic Jewelry Room 101 Jewelry Guidebook. A complete review of Room 101 Jewelry


Who is Matt Booth, & what is Room 101?
ROOM 101 is a designer line prestigious brand of biker silver jewelry founded in 2003 by musician Matt Booth, who was started by his obsession with custom jewelry to create his own chain. Just like virtually every other sterling silver biker jewelry mason out there, Matt Booth's history has been unique. Matt Booth is a hardworking jeweler, bass player, tattooist, & , Matt Booth is an ex-member of an elite US Marines unit.
Matt Booth's Sources of Inspiration

Being a U.S. Marine sent to the Asian continent, Matt Booth felt the deep culture in Asia and the Middle East particularly engaging. Matt Booth's experience as a marine developed to be a significant time both in his personal life and his work as a jeweler. He moved back to Hollywood in 2000 to pursue music as a bass player. As he went, Matt Booth stumbled onto jewelry through his participation in the music scene & instantly became obsessed and started tinkering with the art. Matt Booth quickly identified a fan base for biker silver jewelry, & went about making name for himself in the biker silver jewelry scene. Room 101 was founded in 2003 and is at present reaching its 7th anniversary. It is this joining of Asian Influence together with numerous nights of soaking up the feelings on the Sunset Strip that offered Room 101 its base in both style & create. Because of his rock musician roots, Matt Booth's Room 101 designs are rather edgy, profound and somewhat rebellious in tone and style. Due to his Asian experiences, Matt Booth's Room 101 motorbiker silver jewelry items successfully create a paganistic, ritualistic feel which few jewelers have been able to recapture. Many years later, Matt Booth's Asian experiences became the impetus for his creation of FU, the most of Matt Booth's Room 101 Collection.

Matt Booth's Room 101 biker sterling silver is a better than everyone else; the items feel beautifully heavy and well-crafted. Room 101 jewelry pieces are luxuriously comfortable to wear, & the keen eye to nitty gritties in every piece of biker silver jewelry is unprecedented. While Room 101 has similarly initiated moving into diamond, platinum and white gold jewelry to tailor to a wider realm of fans of sterling silver, Room 101's sterling silver collection continues to be the epitomy of the Room 101 series, & avid bikers continue to form the mass of Matt Booth's customer base.
Through the past 3 years, Room 101 has been featured in top lifestyle, fashion, & specialty magazines worldwide, & has made appearances on major network television. Room 101 is steadily gaining momentum, and Room 101's global and domestic fan base continuing to increase. Today, Room 101 is sold in many select chains internationally.

The huge popularity of Room 101 jewelry lies in the diversity of its themes. It designs both traditional jewelry and the increasingly popular gothic sterling silver jewelry. Room 101's sterling silver gothic jewelry line includes gothic silver Room 101 rings, sterling silver gothic Room 101 earrings, gothic silver Room 101 chains, gothic silver Room 101 bracelets, sterling silver gothic Room 101 pendants, gothic silver Room 101 belt buckles, sterling silver gothic Room 101 necklaces, gothic sterling silver Room 101 chain holders and a huge variety other sterling silver gothic jewelry. Aside from sterling silver gothic jewelry, Room 101 also retails sterling silver gothic Room 101 cigarette cases, gothic silver Room 101 cigarette lighters,gothic sterling silver Room 101 pens, gothic silver Room 101 sunglasses, sterling silver gothic and Room 101 Finger armour rings.

Each and every accessory or jewelry item comes with carefully carved intricate designs and themes, which include Room 101 gothic silver skull jewelry, sterling silver gothic Room 101 swords jewelry, gothic sterling silver Room 101 crosses jewelry, gothic silver Room 101 Fleur de lis jewelry, gothic sterling silver Room 101 Zodiac jewelry, gothic sterling silver Room 101 flower jewelry, gothic silver Room 101 animals jewelry, sterling silver gothic Room 101 angels jewelry, gothic sterling silver Room 101 Hearts jewelry and countless other classic sterling silver gothic jewelry designs.

Room 101 fakes and Room 101 inspired alternatives: Why they are rising in popularity

In recent times, Room 101 jewelry has faced adversity from countless offshore competitors with the talent, resources and ability to offer equally detailed, stunning and expertly crafted luxury gothic styled silver jewelry to bikers & other rock-culture lovers at a fraction of Room 101 jewelry prices. Now, fans of gothic silver jewelry have easy and affordable access to an extensive range of alternatives to original Room 101 jewelry. Gothic silver jewelry fans are starting to wise up to the ugly truth behind branding, which is really nothing other than an illusion. In every single designer franchise from Chrome Hearts jewelry, Bill Wall Leather jewelry, Gaboratory jewelry, Room 101 jewelry, Nagual jewelry, SoulFetish jewelry, Crazy Pig jewelry, Tony Creed jewelry, Double Cross jewelry, Heavy Magic jewelry, One Too Many jewelry, Stanley Guess jewelry, Til Death .925 jewelry, King Baby Jewelry, Little King NY Jewelry, Royal Order Jewelry, to Imperial Rose Collections jewelry, gothic silver prices are escalating so fast ,causing many gothic sterling silver jewelry fans to be alienated from the gothic silver jewelry premium label market. Brand is not something that customers will always be willing to pay for. In view of the easy affordability of cheaper and equally attractive offerings, it is no wonder that designer label jewelry isn't an uncommon sight on the streets despite the luxury brand prices of the original. The new and somewhat wiser sentiment is: why burn a hole in your pocket on luxury label jewelry when one could easily get a materially identical piece made from the same Top quality 925 sterling silver at a miniscule fraction of the cost?

However, in purchasing alternatives in the form of fakes or similarly styled inspired designs, it is important to confirm the grade of jewelry you are paying for. Room 101 Jewelry competitors range from Highest grade alternatives and close replicas by bona fide jewelers to mass-producing manufacturers mass produced poorly made imitations made from base metals such as aluminium & copper.

GothicBuzz's Room 101: Impressions & Inspiration

At, we bring you gothic sterling silver jewelry inspired by the best designs by Room 101 jewelry at affordable prices without resorting to piracy or fraud. With the immense rise in the popular appeal of Room 101 jewelry, retail prices of gothic silver jewelry pieces made by Room 101 jewelry have risen above what most biker jewelry enthusiasts find reasonably affordable. Original Room 101 pendants start from US$400 up, original Room 101 rings start at US$1,000, authentic Room 101 lighters can cost up to US$2,000 & Room 101 bracelets & Room 101 chains can easily set you back over US$4,000 - 5,000 depending on the weight and the level of intricacy of the design. At, we model our jewelry based on the feel & look of many of Room 101's most popular gothic silver jewelry designs & offer them to you at a tiny fraction of cost you'd pay for the original Room 101 jewelry piece. Like the original sterling silver Room 101 jewelry piece, our Room 101-inspired gothic sterling silver pieces are made only from pure 925 sterling silver and purely handcrafted. In the same process which Room 101 jewelry manufacturers use, our factory moulds churn out only rough shapes, which our artists work on and manually handcraft, chip, mould and polish into the work of art we ultimately deliver to your doorstep; a heavy piece of gothic silver jewelry inspired by the original Room 101 jewelry item that caught your eye in the Room 101 jewelry boutique. Since you aren't paying for the Room 101 brand jewelry brand name when you buy our gothic sterling silver jewelry products, our prices are unbelievably a lot less than what you'd pay for an original Room 101 jewelry piece (up to 90% lower).

A Brief note about the Room 101 Designer brand label, and why people buy alternatives

Replica Room 101 jewelry at its very best, exists in the form of AAA grade replica Room 101 jewelry & closely inspired by Room 101 jewelry which closely follows the look & mood of the original. Such Top grade fake Room 101 jewelry is crafted using the very same pure 925 sterling silver used in original Room 101 jewelry. In addition, AAA grade replica Room 101 jewelry pieces are so closely inspired by Room 101 jewelry (or are near perfect replicas of Room 101 jewelry) that real and fake become indistinguishable. Sometimes, replica Room 101 jewelry even comes in the very same packaging provided by Room 101 jewelry outlets (GothicBuzz always makes it a point to respect intellectual property rights and never do that!) With the manufacturing genius of offshore jewelers, generating AAAAA grade replica Room 101 jewelry has been anything but difficult. Today, AAA grade replica Room 101 pieces (also known as Grade A Room 101 replicas, Room 101 AAA-replicas, fake Room 101 jewelry, AAA grade fake Room 101 jewelry etc) may be purchased over the internet at a miniscule fraction of the Room 101 retail price. For simplicity, we shall simply refer to them as replica Room 101 jewelry. Offshore jewelers are able to offer such AAA grade replicas or inspired pieces of Room 101 jewelry at a huge discount because of cheaper offshore metals and labor costs in Asia.
Because GothicBuzz's Room 101-inspired gothic silver jewelry pieces are also made of the same pure sterling silver & crafted in the same process that Room 101 uses to craft original Room 101 jewelry, GothicBuzz's jewelry strongly resembles & feels materially identical to original Room 101 jewelry, yielding you the same satisfaction as the original Room 101 jewelry piece at a small fraction of the price.
Do Note that there are countless names used for this top grade of replica jewelry. A brief list of some often seen names include, but are not limited to: (Grade A Room 101 replicas, Grade AAA Room 101 replicas, Grade AAAAA Room 101 replicas, Room 101 A grade replicas, Room 101 AAA grade replicas, Room 101 AAAAA grade replicas, best grade fake Room 101 jewelry, top grade fake Room 101 jewelry, A grade fake Room 101 jewelry, AAA grade fake Room 101 jewelry, AAAAA grade fake Room 101 jewelry, A grade replica Room 101 jewelry, AAA grade replica Room 101 jewelry, AAAAA grade replica Room 101 jewelry). Whatever people refer to it as, it's always the same thing!

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