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Gothic Jewelry Heavy Magic Jewelry 101. A in-depth critique of Heavy Magic Jewelry


Who is Will Cascio, & what is Heavy Magic?
Will Cascio of Heavy Magic has made a reputation in the custom leather trade since 1994 on his quest for creativity bringing tomorrow today, merged with skilled craftsmanship, and an attention for the nitty gritties bordering on insane. - Discovery Channel
Located in Austin, Texas Will Cascio is the most talented designers and craftsmen of motorbiker sterling silver the globe has ever beheld. From 1994, Will Cascio's strongly accomplished Heavy Magic line has been churning out some of the motorbiker sterling silver industry's most intricate & enchanting biker silver jewelry.
Will Cascio's passion and devotion to the art is not something words can describe, & he has been known to isolate himself in his masonry for over 17 straight hours while insanely working and crafting some of his defining pieces of silver sterling pieces. & the fruits of Will Cascio's effort shows visibly in the stunning, detailed and seemingly flawless items of motorbiker sterling silver Heavy Magic produces.

The Rough Old World mood and appearance of Heavy Magic's motorbiker sterling silver is the characteristic of Will Cascio's designs. Whenever you grab a piece of Heavy Magic motorbiker sterling silver in your hands, it makes you feel almost like you are grabbing a valueless artifact created by pagan masons of the nostalgic old unremembered empires long passed.
Heavy Magic Fame and Accord
Heavy Magic's creations have gained widespread accord and recognition, & have featured as pivotal parts of some of Motorcycling's finest show winning bikes. His works were featured on Discovery Channel's Great motorbiker Build-Off, in the Prestigious Rob Report Collections magazine - together with many leading Chopper Magazines.
Will Cascio's history and pre-Heavy Magic Pursuits
Until Will Cascio became a motorbiker sterling silver mason, he pursued many earlier careers. He lived 9 years as a rodeo cowboy, 4 years as a Professional Horse-Rider, 8 years as a accomplished Graphics designer. His Graphic Art has been published in a few of the top magazines including: EFX ART & DESIGN, CHURN art magazine, Magical Blend, Lapis and RELIX music magazine. Will's former Graphic design products grace the covers of two music CD albums, tour package design, & Tower Records advertising for Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann's band Trichromes. Will Cascio has also served on & off for 22 years as an Actor/Backup with movies such as Back to the Future II & III, Stunt Doubling for Michael J. Fox, and Ninja Turtles III, playing Raphael Stunt Turtle to his credit . These sparks of inspiration crucial to forge motorbiker jewelry can only be triggered when one walks the talk and actually lives the life of a rugged biker, and as part of the rugged biker culture. Like all top designers of gothic sterling silver, Will Cascio met expectations, & gained his inspiration for sterling silver motorbiker jewelry
from living the rugged, odd-job, bohemian & a unpredictable life of the attitude motorbiker who performs solely things which capture his hobby.
Self made and successful in many art forms including: skilled leather craftsmanship, wax sculpting for bronze sculpture, & silvery jewelry, plastic hand art and airbrush on canvas. His current artist interest is leather work & digital art.

The immense popularity of Heavy Magic jewelry lies in the diversity of its themes. It manufactures both classic jewelry and the more and more popular sterling silver gothic jewelry. Heavy Magic's gothic sterling silver jewelry line includes gothic silver Heavy Magic rings, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic earrings, gothic silver Heavy Magic chains, sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic bracelets, sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic pendants, gothic silver Heavy Magic belt buckles, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic necklaces, sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic chain holders and many other gothic silver jewelry. Aside from gothic silver jewelry, Heavy Magic also retails sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic cigarette cases, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic cigarette lighters,gothic silver Heavy Magic pens, gothic silver Heavy Magic sunglasses, gothic sterling silver and Heavy Magic Finger armour rings.

Each accessory or jewelry item comes with carefully carved detailed designs and themes, which include Heavy Magic sterling silver gothic skull jewelry, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic swords jewelry, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic crosses jewelry, sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic Fleur de lis jewelry, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic Zodiac jewelry, sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic flower jewelry, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic animals jewelry, gothic sterling silver Heavy Magic angels jewelry, sterling silver gothic Heavy Magic Hearts jewelry and countless other classic gothic sterling silver jewelry designs.

Heavy Magic replicas and Heavy Magic inspired alternatives: Why they are rising in popularity

In recent times, Heavy Magic jewelry has faced challenges in the form of countless offshore competitors of equal capacity and talent, resources & ability to offer equally detailed, beautiful and well-crafted luxury gothic styled silver jewelry to bikers and other fans at a fraction of Heavy Magic jewelry prices. Now, fans of gothic sterling silver jewelry have easy and affordable access to an extensive range of alternatives to original Heavy Magic jewelry. Gothic silver jewelry fans are waking up to the reality of branding, which is really nothing more than an illusion. In every single designer brand from Chrome Hearts jewelry, Bill Wall Leather jewelry, Gaboratory jewelry, Room 101 jewelry, Nagual jewelry, SoulFetish jewelry, Crazy Pig jewelry, Tony Creed jewelry, Double Cross jewelry, Heavy Magic jewelry, One Too Many jewelry, Stanley Guess jewelry, Til Death .925 jewelry, King Baby Jewelry, Little King NY Jewelry, Royal Order Jewelry, to Imperial Rose Collections jewelry, gothic sterling silver prices have been escalating so quickly ,causing numerous gothic sterling silver jewelry fans to be alienated from the gothic sterling silver jewelry designer brand market. Brand is not something which customers will always be willing to bear the cost for. Given the easy affordability of cheaper & equally well-crafted offerings, it is no wonder that luxury label jewelry isn't an uncommon sight on the streets despite the premium brand pricing of the original. The new wisdom is: why burn a hole in your pocket on designer label jewelry when one could easily get a nearly identical piece crafted from the same Best quality 925 sterling silver at a miniscule fraction of the price?

However, in choosing alternatives in the form of fakes or similarly styled inspired designs, it is critical to first know the quality of jewelry you are paying for. Heavy Magic Jewelry competitors range from Best grade alternatives & close replicas by freelance expert jewelers to mass-producing bootleggers mass produced low grade imitations made from cheap metals such as aluminium & copper.

GothicBuzz's Heavy Magic: Impressions & Inspiration

At, we offer you gothic sterling silver jewelry inspired by the best designs by Heavy Magic jewelry at affordable prices without delving into piracy or fraud. With the meteoric popular appeal of Heavy Magic jewelry, retail prices of gothic sterling silver jewelry pieces crafted by Heavy Magic jewelry have skyrocketed above a level which 90% of biker jewelry fans deem reasonably affordable. Original Heavy Magic pendants start from US$400 up, authentic Heavy Magic rings start at US$1,000, authentic Heavy Magic lighters can cost up to US$2,000 & Heavy Magic bracelets & Heavy Magic chains can easily cost you more than US$4,000 - 5,000 depending on the weight & the level of detail of the design. At, we model our jewelry based on the feel and look of some of Heavy Magic's most popular gothic sterling silver jewelry designs and offer them to you at a tiny fraction of cost you'd pay for the original Heavy Magic jewelry piece. Like the original sterling silver Heavy Magic jewelry piece, our Heavy Magic-inspired gothic sterling silver pieces are made only from pure 925 sterling silver and crafted purely by hand. In the same process which Heavy Magic jewelry manufacturers use, our factory moulds generate only primary shapes, which our artists work on and manually handcraft, chip, mould and polish into the work of art you ultimately receive; a chunky piece of gothic sterling silver jewelry inspired by the original Heavy Magic jewelry item that caught your eye in the Heavy Magic jewelry boutique. Since you aren't paying for the Heavy Magic brand jewelry luxury label when you buy our gothic silver jewelry products, our prices are substantially lower than what you'd pay for an original Heavy Magic jewelry piece (up to 90% lower).

A Brief note about the Heavy Magic Designer brand label, and why people buy alternatives

Fake Heavy Magic jewelry in its finest form, exists as AAA grade replica Heavy Magic jewelry and closely inspired by Heavy Magic jewelry which closely follows the look and mood of the original. Such Best quality fake Heavy Magic jewelry is crafted from the very same pure 925 sterling silver used in original Heavy Magic jewelry. In addition, AAA grade replica Heavy Magic jewelry items are so closely inspired by Heavy Magic jewelry (or are near perfect replicas of Heavy Magic jewelry) that real & fake are often not distinguishable. Sometimes, replica Heavy Magic jewelry even comes in the exact same designer boxes provided by Heavy Magic jewelry outlets (We make it a point to defer to intellectual property rights and never do that!) With the manufacturing genius of offshore jewelers, generating AAAAA grade replica Heavy Magic jewelry has been anything but difficult. Today, AAA grade replica Heavy Magic pieces (also known as Grade A Heavy Magic replicas, Heavy Magic AAA-replicas, fake Heavy Magic jewelry, AAA grade fake Heavy Magic jewelry etc) may be purchased over the web at a miniscule fraction of the Heavy Magic retail price. For simplicity, we simply refer to them as replica Heavy Magic jewelry. Offshore jewelers are able to offer such AAA grade replicas or inspired pieces of Heavy Magic jewelry at a huge discount owing to cheaper offshore material & labor costs in Asia.
Since our Heavy Magic-inspired gothic silver jewelry pieces are also composed of the very same pure sterling silver and crafted in the same process that Heavy Magic uses to craft original Heavy Magic jewelry, our jewelry strongly closely resembles & feels materially identical to original Heavy Magic jewelry, giving you the same satisfaction as the original Heavy Magic jewelry piece at a miniscule fraction of the price.
Do Note that there are hundreds of names used for this ultimate grade of replica jewelry. A very short list of some usual names include, but are not limited to: (Grade A Heavy Magic replicas, Grade AAA Heavy Magic replicas, Grade AAAAA Heavy Magic replicas, Heavy Magic A grade replicas, Heavy Magic AAA grade replicas, Heavy Magic AAAAA grade replicas, best grade fake Heavy Magic jewelry, top grade fake Heavy Magic jewelry, A grade fake Heavy Magic jewelry, AAA grade fake Heavy Magic jewelry, AAAAA grade fake Heavy Magic jewelry, A grade replica Heavy Magic jewelry, AAA grade replica Heavy Magic jewelry, AAAAA grade replica Heavy Magic jewelry). No matter people refer to it as, it's always the same thing!

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