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Gothic Jewelry Double Cross Jewelry review. A comprehensive analysis of Double Cross Jewelry.


What is biker jewelry (also commonly) referred to sterling silver gothic jewelry and rock n roll jewelry)? Although we do know what it is, some things can hardly fall to be described adequately through words. It can be said that biker jewelry comes as thick, chunky jewelry moulded using 925 sterling silver. It employs unconventional, bold, often edgy and often anarchic, defiant designs. The concept it inspires is that of a rugged, handsome, individualistic and masculine man riding a powerful Harley through endless and lonely rural roads into the sunset with an adventure-filled agenda. Or that of a hugely successful metal star performing live on stage, inspiring the adoration of millions of punk fans in the mosh pit. It is a look which sparks one's active imagination and commands wonder and awe. Today, the biker look has become immensely popular, due primarily to active adoption by bikers, musicians, biker enthusiasts, rock n roll enthusiasts and other cultural pioneers who seek to showcase and promote individualism through the snazzy, head-turning outfits and accessories they wear. In this write-up, we introduce Travis Walker: a student of the legendary Gabor nagy, and one of the most inspired gothic silver jewelry designers the world has seen since Gaboratory revolutionized the gothic & biker images through gothic silver jewelry.

Who is Travis Walker

Travis Walker, a first-generation gothic silver design wizard, has been forging beautiful gothic silver jewelry and biker leather designs for two decades. Like many other first generation-ers of sterling silver biker jewelry such as Bill Wall and Gabor Nagy, Travis Walker was born and raised in Malibu, California. Today, he, he still resides in sunny California with Brittany, his wife. Walker started his foray into the world of design by designing customized chopper seats for some of the top bike builders, including Harley Davidson. Although he still creates custom pieces for special clients and celebrities, he does so only on a private scale for close friends and treasured clients. Discovering a ready market for fashionable biking apparel, Travis Walker ventured into the realm of sterling silver gothic jewelry, which he pursued under the pupillage of the late design guru Gabor Nagy.

Being one of Gabor Nagy's top students, Walker promptly rose to the position of the vice President of Gaboratory. However, the desire to make something for himself eventually inspired him to leave the honoured halls of Gaboratory and begin walking an arduous journey towards forging something of his own, by himself.

The Birth of Double Cross Jewelry

The beginnings of success were seen in 1996, when Walker presented before the world his first line of biker jewelry, marking the beginning of Double Cross Jewelry. Since then, Walker's popularity has grown exponentially both locally and overseas, and Walker has maintained an underground and exclusive clientele. Double Cross has made designed one-of-a-kind custom jewelry for rock stars, A-list actors, special clients and top bike builders.Travis' original designs are varied in theme, ranging between edgy and gothic to high-end and classical. Putting on Double Cross designs not only enhances your external image; it also tells of a philosophy defined by surf, motorcycles, social status and rock n roll. Till today, Today, Double Cross remains very exclusive, and sells itself admirably as a premium brand. Its beautiful gothic jewelry pieces, unfortunately, are priced at levels higher than what average wage-earning fans can reasonably afford to pay.

The huge popularity of Double Cross jewelry lies in the fact that it caters to many audiences. It crafts both traditional jewelry and the increasingly popular gothic silver jewelry. Double Cross's gothic silver jewelry line includes gothic silver Double Cross rings, gothic sterling silver Double Cross earrings, gothic silver Double Cross chains, sterling silver gothic Double Cross bracelets, sterling silver gothic Double Cross pendants, gothic silver Double Cross belt buckles, gothic sterling silver Double Cross necklaces, sterling silver gothic Double Cross chain holders and many other gothic silver jewelry. Aside from sterling silver gothic jewelry, Double Cross also sells gothic sterling silver Double Cross cigarette cases, gothic silver Double Cross cigarette lighters,sterling silver gothic Double Cross pens, sterling silver gothic Double Cross sunglasses, gothic silver and Double Cross Finger armour rings.

Each accessory or jewelry item comes with carefully carved detailed designs and themes, which include Double Cross gothic silver skull jewelry, gothic silver Double Cross swords jewelry, gothic sterling silver Double Cross crosses jewelry, sterling silver gothic Double Cross Fleur de lis jewelry, gothic silver Double Cross Zodiac jewelry, gothic silver Double Cross flower jewelry, sterling silver gothic Double Cross animals jewelry, gothic silver Double Cross angels jewelry, gothic silver Double Cross Hearts jewelry and countless other classic gothic sterling silver jewelry designs.

Double Cross fakes & Double Cross inspired alternatives: Why they are rising in popularity

In recent times, Double Cross jewelry has faced adversity in the form of several offshore competitors of equal capacity and talent, resources and ability to deliver equally detailed, beautiful & expertly crafted luxury gothic styled silver jewelry to bikers and other fans at a small fraction of Double Cross jewelry prices. Today, fans of gothic sterling silver jewelry have an extensive range of alternatives to original Double Cross jewelry. Gothic sterling silver jewelry fans are waking up to the ugly truth behind branding, which is actually no other than an imaginary concept. In every single luxury label from Chrome Hearts jewelry, Bill Wall Leather jewelry, Gaboratory jewelry, Room 101 jewelry, Nagual jewelry, SoulFetish jewelry, Crazy Pig jewelry, Tony Creed jewelry, Double Cross jewelry, Heavy Magic jewelry, One Too Many jewelry, Stanley Guess jewelry, Til Death .925 jewelry, King Baby Jewelry, Little King NY Jewelry, Royal Order Jewelry, to Imperial Rose Collections jewelry, gothic sterling silver prices are escalating so rapidly that the majority of gothic silver jewelry fans have been priced out of the the gothic sterling silver jewelry premium brand market. Brand is not something that customers will always be willing to bear the cost for. Given the easy availability of cheaper and equally attractive offerings, it is little wonder that designer label jewelry isn't an uncommon sight on the streets notwithstanding the premium brand prices of the original. The new wisdom is: why bust the bank on designer label jewelry when you can get a near identical piece forged from the same Best quality 925 sterling silver at a tiny fraction of the cost?

However, in choosing alternatives in the form of fakes or similarly styled inspired designs, it is critical to first know the grade of jewelry you are paying for. Double Cross Jewelry competitors range from Best quality alternatives and close replicas by freelance expert jewelers to mass-producing bootleggers churning out poorly made bootlegs made from base metals such as aluminium and copper.

GothicBuzz's Double Cross: Impressions & Inspiration

At, we bring you gothic silver jewelry inspired by the most classic Double Cross jewelry at affordable prices without delving into piracy or fraud. With the surging rise in the popular appeal of Double Cross jewelry, retail prices of gothic sterling silver jewelry pieces made by Double Cross jewelry have skyrocketed above a level which 90% of biker jewelry lovers feel is reasonably affordable. Authentic Double Cross pendants start from US$400 up, original Double Cross rings start at US$1,000, original Double Cross lighters can cost up to US$2,000 and Double Cross bracelets & Double Cross chains can easily hit you for over US$4,000 - 5,000 depending on the weight and the degree of detail of the design. At, we recreate the feel & look of some of Double Cross's most popular gothic silver jewelry designs & offer them to you at a small fraction of cost you'd pay for the original Double Cross jewelry piece. Like the original sterling silver Double Cross jewelry piece, our Double Cross-inspired gothic sterling silver pieces are made only from pure 925 sterling silver & crafted purely by hand. In the same process that Double Cross jewelry manufacturers use, our factory moulds churn out only primary outlines, which our artists have to manually handcraft, chip, mould & polish into the work of art we ultimately deliver to your doorstep; a solid piece of gothic sterling silver jewelry inspired by the original Double Cross jewelry item which you desired. Since you aren't paying for the Double Cross brand jewelry brand name when you choose our gothic sterling silver jewelry products, our prices are unbelievably a lot lower than what you would end up paying for an original Double Cross jewelry piece (up to 90% lower).

A Brief note about the Double Cross Designer brand label, & why people buy alternatives

Replica Double Cross jewelry at its best, exists as AAA grade replica Double Cross jewelry and closely inspired by Double Cross jewelry which recreates the mood & look of the original. These types of Top quality fake Double Cross jewelry is forged using the same pure 925 sterling silver used in original Double Cross jewelry. In addition, AAA grade replica Double Cross jewelry pieces are so closely inspired by Double Cross jewelry (or are near perfect replicas of Double Cross jewelry) that real & fake are often impossible to differentiate. Sometimes, replica Double Cross jewelry even comes in the very same designer boxes provided by Double Cross jewelry outlets (We always make it a point to respect copyrights & not do that!) Given the manufacturing genius of offshore jewelry craftsmen, generating AAAAA grade replica Double Cross jewelry has been anything but difficult. Today, AAA grade replica Double Cross pieces (also known as Grade A Double Cross replicas, Double Cross AAA-replicas, fake Double Cross jewelry, AAA grade fake Double Cross jewelry etc) are easily purchasable over the web at a small fraction of the Double Cross retail price. For simplicity, we simply refer to them as replica Double Cross jewelry. Offshore jewelers can offer such AAA grade replicas or inspired pieces of Double Cross jewelry at a huge discount thanks to cheaper offshore metals and overheads expenses in Asia.
Since our Double Cross-inspired gothic silver jewelry pieces are also made from the same pure sterling silver and forged in the same process that Double Cross uses to craft original Double Cross jewelry, GothicBuzz's jewelry very much closely resembles and feels materially identical to original Double Cross jewelry, giving you the same degree of satisfaction as the original Double Cross jewelry piece at a miniscule fraction of the price.
Do Note that there are hundreds of names ascribed to this premium grade of replica jewelry. A very small list of some often seen names include, but are not limited to: (Grade A Double Cross replicas, Grade AAA Double Cross replicas, Grade AAAAA Double Cross replicas, Double Cross A grade replicas, Double Cross AAA grade replicas, Double Cross AAAAA grade replicas, best grade fake Double Cross jewelry, top grade fake Double Cross jewelry, A grade fake Double Cross jewelry, AAA grade fake Double Cross jewelry, AAAAA grade fake Double Cross jewelry, A grade replica Double Cross jewelry, AAA grade replica Double Cross jewelry, AAAAA grade replica Double Cross jewelry). Regardless of people call it, it's always the same thing!

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Gothic Chrome buzz silver jewerly bottom sells Gothic jewelery and accessories to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. With hundreds of rings, necklaces, earrings and more on sale, we do our best to offer excellent customer care, both at the point of sale and beyond. We provides only quality products. is a website for all Gothic Jewelry fans and enthusiasts, or simply for anyone who loves Branded Jewelry but do not want to pay the extremely high prices for the original Chrome Jewelry. Our designs include the famous Gothic Heart Styled Rings, Gothic Heart Styled Skulls, Chrome styled Swords, Gothic Hearts style Necklaces, Gothic style Bracelets, Gothic style Pendents, Gothic Rings, Chrome Gothic style Money Clips and many other Chrome Gothic styled Accessories.


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