What is Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts had carved a name for themselves as a brand famous for their 925 Sterling Silver Chrome Hearts Jewelry know for their very chunky, punk and gothic looks. Chrome Hearts was founded by motorcycle enthusiast, Richard Stark, as a brand of jewelry that attracts a niche market of customers who have the love for high end sterling silver jewelry, leather apparels, as well as accessories with gothic motifs.


The Chrome Hearts’s trademark designs that are synonymous to their brand include their distinct looking floral cross and Fleur-de-lys designs, Chrome Hearts Sword design, Chrome Hearts dagger design, as well as their Chrome Hearts Skulls design that can be found on many of the Chrome Hearts pendents, Chrome Hearts bracelets, Chrome Hearts, Chrome Hearts Chains and Chrome Hearts Money Clips.


In recent years, Chrome Hearts had gained increasingly popular because of their jewelry being worn by celebrities both in Asia as well in the West, in both the music entertainment as well as film industry. Examples of famous people who are often seen wearing Chrome Hearts Jewelry are Canto Pop Singer Nicholas Tse who is well-known for his bad-boy image, rappers Jim Jones, Juelz, Santana and Jay-Z. Other famous people include Koichi Domoto and fashion idol, Karl Lagerfeld.


During the winter of 2006, Chrome Hearts Jewelry which is famous for their Chrome Hearts dagger design, Chrome Hearts Sword design, as well as their Chrome Hearts Skulls design gained much publicity and recognition after the release of the movie – The Pirates of the Carribian. In the movie “The Pirates of the Carribian”, the lead actors increased exposure for the Swords, Skulls and Crosses Design which can be seen on their necklaces and bracelets.


The Chrome Hearts Jewelry product line includes a wide range of Chrome Hearts pendants, Chrome Hearts Necklaces, Chrome Hearts Bracelets, Chrome Hearts Rings, Chrome Hearts Cufflinks, Chrome Hearts Money Clips, Chrome Hearts Sunglasses, Chrome Hearts Caps, Chrome Hearts Apparels, Chrome Hearts shirts, Chrome Hearts Accessories, etc.


Chrome Hearts Jewelry are also known to be manufactured only with solid 925 sterling silver that are intentionally treated with chemicals to give it a distinct classic silver-black look and feel on the surface. The cost of manufacturing is relatively high because of the huge and heavy chunky designs that require a lot of silver to make. Chrome Hearts can be classified as a luxury brand and each piece of jewelry will cost hundreds to several thousand dollars.


Chrome Hearts is extremely popular in many parts of the world with a niche market of customers, including the USA, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. Their niche group of customers are perceived by others to have a bad-boy, funky, flashy and flamboyant image. Chrome Hearts Jewelry designs are normally made to be very chunky and heavy. Many Chrome Hearts fans love this because it gives a masculine, punk, rock star look.


Like all famous brands of costume jewellery in the market, Replica Chrome Hearts Jewelry (also known as Fake Chrome Hearts Jewelry) or Chrome Hearts inspired designs of jewelry are becoming more popular as the brand gains recognition globally. These Replica or Chrome Hearts inspired jewelry often replicate or copy the Classic Chrome hearts skulls, swords, corss and floral designs. These Chrome Heart look-a-likes are highly sort after because of the relatively much lower costs to purchase one, while giving the wearer the kind of look they desire.


The official Chrome Hearts jewelry boutique can be found in major cities such as of New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Malibu, Japan, Hong Kong, Taipei, London and Paris.