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Gothic Jewelry What exactly is 925 Sterling Silver?



Often when we step into a departmental store, jewelry shop or a fashion accessories shop… we see beautiful fashion accessories as well as chic-looking costume jewelry that are made from 925 Sterling Silver. These jewelry items often are stamped with the three numbers “925”. Therefore, what exactly is 925 Sterling Silver? Is 925 Sterling Silver a precious metal? What is the difference between Silver and 925 Sterling Silver? Why do I not see Silver Jewelry but only 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry? We will answer these questions in this article.


Gold and silver both had been a precious metal since civilization began. However, silver in recent years had been used increasingly for making 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. 925 Sterling Silver jewelry gives off a very classy as well as elegant appearance.


Both Gold and Silver in their purest form are too soft and delicate to be moulded or crafted in a piece of jewelry item. Therefore, 925 Sterling Silver is a name used for the material used to make jewelry as this is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Basically, copper is mixed with Silver to make 925 Sterling Silver more durable as well as hardy, and 925 Sterling Silver will thus be able to be manufactured into fine jewelry pieces.


Already the case, 925 Sterling Silver is now dominating the costume jewelry market in the middle to high class luxury costume jewelry market. It had already taken over gold as a material for jewelry in many countries such as China and India. Both China and India have a culture that gold is a measure or reflection of people’s wealth and status. Perceptions among many groups of younger generation people today view Gold as “old fashioned” and outdated. However, in contrast… Sterling silver is now perceived as trendy, chic and classy.


925 Sterling Silver is a premium material that is used to make costume designer jewelry and jewelry made from 925 Sterling Silver had gained much popularity in recent times. One of the most famous brands globally for their wide range of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry is Tiffany & Company or more commonly known as Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co is renowned for their very fine and elegant designs. In response to the high popularity of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, many jewelry manufacturers around the world had been following the trend to manufacture jewelry made from 925 Sterling Silver.


925 Sterling Silver is also popular as a material used to manufacture costumer jewelry because it is a relatively non-reactive metal alloy that will not rust or cause allergy on the human skin.


One of the brand that had been using solid 925 sterling silver to manufacturer thick and chunky jewelry accessories is Chrome Hearts. Chrome Hearts is famous for their trademark 925 Sterling Silver jewelry with the Chrome Hearts Cross, Skull, Swords and floral designs.


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  Japan import, Retro style 925 Sterling Silver cross four corners Ring, (can be tail ring)

Japan import, Retro style 925 Sterling Silver cross four corners Ring, (can be tail ring)

  Japan import, green color marijuana 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Japan import, green color marijuana 925 Sterling Silver Pendant


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